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Just a quick heads-up that I’ve posted the first thirty or so of my SXSW pictures to Flickr (see also the sidebar badge), with many more to come. Although I might need to enlist some help remembering the names of some of the Fray Cafe speakers, and that’s the next group I have to edit…

In any event, go check out the photos, and use the tags to view the photos from the other attendees – my photos aren’t living in a vacuum, you know.

So, I’m reading, checking to see if maybe, just maybe, the mythical widescreen “true video” iPod would be launched today in some super-secret product announcement (nope), and something catches my eye in the sidebar ad. Normally I tune out banners and sidebar ads, but this Circuit City ad demanded my attention.


Circuit City are morons.

Take a WILD guess.

Hey, Circuit City – you want to convince me to come into your store, deal with your inept staff, and fork over my hard earned money on consumer electronics? Start proofreading your ads, and then we’ll talk.

But I’ll probably still end up at Best Buy.

So, it’s Xmas again. And here I am, alone. Again. But it’s OK. I’m used to it by now.

To mark time celebrate the season, here are some Christmas-related links:

So to all my goyim friends, and to those lapsed Jews celebrating too…Merry Christmas.

Addendum: Lest I forget, here’s one of the few funny things to come out of SNL in recent years, the Digital Short sweeping the nation…yes, sports fans…it’s “D**k in a Box” (uncensored and VERY NSFW).

It is possible to use the controller for the Nintendo Wii without looking like a total spaz?

On a related note, is it possible to use the controller for the Sony PlayStation 3 without feeling like damn near every launch title is sub-par and you just wasted $700?

Let me explain why today was something of a bad day.

I was supposed to take this week off from work – I’ve got five weeks of vacation time (well, three weeks earned, two rolled-over) coming to me, and damn it, I’m trying to use them – but between my workload and some upcoming travel, I had to go in. My compromise was that, if I had to go in today, I would finish a specific set of tasks, attend the meeting that was on my calendar, and then leave early to try and salvage something of the day.

That didn’t happen.

I did not get through the predefined tasks prior to my meeting, due in no small part to our marketing person (who shall remain nameless) deciding that the application form that ‘wasn’t critial’ and ‘didn’t have a set deadline’ suddenly had to be done for her 1:00 meeting. Mind you, she shares this fact with me at 12:20. She demanded that I ‘drop everything and do [her work]’ – to the point that when my telephone rang, she physically put her body between me and the phone. So there goes my lunch – in part because I wouldn’t have enough time to finish her edits AND get something to eat, and in part because by the time I was able to get to the cafeteria in my building, nearly everything edible was gone.

The meeting, while running long, went well enough – unfortunately, I had to go back to my desk. At 3:30, I had about 30 minutes of work left on my list. I didn’t get to those 30 minutes until nearly 5:00. It wasn’t one big issue this time, just a whole bunch of little issues including, but not limited to, scheduling LiveMeetings with a number of our clients, and trying to get my call center to understand that when I say “Scholarship on hold – pending clarification” on a Scholarship Action Report, that’s exactly what I mean. (I lost a good 20 minutes on that last issue alone.)

And on top of that, while driving to my parents’ house after work, the “SERVICE ENGINE SOON” light makes it’s first appearance on my year-old truck.

One of these events would just be a bummer. Several on the same day would be a headache. All of them in one day, and you’d probably need a beer at the end of the day. So what makes today such an especially lousy day?

Today was my 31st birthday. And to quote Dante Hicks, “I’m not even supposed to BE HERE today!”

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