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“Gravity (live)”, John Mayer Trio Gravity

“Folsom Prison Blues (live)” – Johnny Cash, At Folsom Prison Folsom Prison Blues (Live)

It’s a thematic entry today.

“President”, Wyclef Jean

“Another National Anthem”, Assassins (Original Off-B’Way cast)
Another National Anthem

“Battle Without Honor or Humanity”, Tomoyasu Hotei
Battle Without Honor or Humanity

You may know it better as “Hey, It’s That Song” from the Kill Bill vol. 1 soundtrack. I know it as the song that’s running through my head constantly.

Nirvana, “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” (live)
Where Did You Sleep Last Night

…from the “MTV Unplugged in New York” album. I’ve never been a Nirvana fan, but I’m constantly amazed at the emotion displayed by Kurt Cobain on this recording.

It’s time to share, people.

I’m going to start posting links to some of my all-time favorite songs. And, believe it or not, some of them are from artists whose first names aren’t “John”.

The Random Thoughts Random Collection starts with one of the essential Harry Chapin songs, “Taxi”.

As a bonus (since this IS the first post in the series), here’s an extra Harry Chapin song – one of my all-time favorites – “30,000 Pounds of Bananas”. The reason it’s not the primary selection is…well, this isn’t my favorite recording. Harry’s best performance of “…Bananas” was on the “Greatest Stories (Live)” album – it runs 11 minutes and 28 seconds, and features some great adlibs with his brothers and the band. It’s a fantastic story song.


30,000 Pounds of Bananas
30,000 Pounds of Bananas

Eventually I’d like to figure out how to do this in the sidebar. Eventually.