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Team Conan FTW.

Leno must go-go and make room for CoCo.

Seriously, tho. Jay? You’ve had a good run. You made a commitment to hand the show over in 2009. You weaseled your way back onto TV by preying on NBC’s weak schedule and/or bottom line. The 10pm experiment didn’t work. It’s time to go.

You don’t need the money. That car collection I saw on the series 12 finale of Top Gear proves that. (Your garage is bigger than my apartment…building.) You don’t need the work – I’m sure your agent could line you up with 300 nights a year in Vegas for twice what NBC’s paying you. What do you have to gain here, other than destroying a venerable late-night franchise?

Conan called your bluff with his statement from earlier today. You can’t win this one. Walk away. Just…walk away.

Go Team Conan.

My love for Rock Band knows no bounds – those of you who read this blog regularly (all four of you) or follow me on Twitter know this all too well. But this…well, judge for yourself. (Fair warning – this video, from last Wednesday’s Today Show, is totally safe for work, but you might want to turn the volume down. Significantly.)

Imagine waking up to this. Yikes. Folks, keep your day job. (All that said, my excitement for Rock Band 2 has not abated. Just one more thing to look forward to next month.)