Team Conan FTW.

Leno must go-go and make room for CoCo.

Seriously, tho. Jay? You’ve had a good run. You made a commitment to hand the show over in 2009. You weaseled your way back onto TV by preying on NBC’s weak schedule and/or bottom line. The 10pm experiment didn’t work. It’s time to go.

You don’t need the money. That car collection I saw on the series 12 finale of Top Gear proves that. (Your garage is bigger than my apartment…building.) You don’t need the work – I’m sure your agent could line you up with 300 nights a year in Vegas for twice what NBC’s paying you. What do you have to gain here, other than destroying a venerable late-night franchise?

Conan called your bluff with his statement from earlier today. You can’t win this one. Walk away. Just…walk away.

Go Team Conan.