Previously in this space, I’ve touted the electability of ‘none of the above’, stumped for our Digital Ruler, and purported that one of the candidates for NJ Governor might eat babies. So that gives you a pretty good idea about my feelings toward the political system thus far in the ‘Oughts’.

Now that the primary races are nearly done (we hope, anyway – that’s fuel for at least three or four more posts), it’s going to be nearly impossible to avoid talking about politics. I promise to try and keep things as light as possible, but given the huge ramifications of this year’s election, it won’t always be possible.

Like now, for instance. Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under President Clinton and current lecturer at UC Berkeley, provided an interesting perspective on the true cost of the Iraq war and why the ‘100 year’ policy of soon-to-be Republican nominee John McCain could end up costing us dearly in the long run. It’s well worth the read and/or listen. – Iraq casualty: Your standard of living

For the record, in a future post I’ll address my primary voting experience, my general frustration with the primary process, and the candidate for whom I’ll be casting my vote in November. (Hint: this time it won’t be a Mooninite.)