If you’re actually viewing this site (and not just drinking in the sweet, sweet RSS), you’ve probably noticed some cosmetic differences. My upgrade to WordPress 2.1 seems to have hosed portions of Tiga, the theme I had been using. (At least, it seems to have hosed portions of my installation of it, not that reinstalling it has helped.) I rather liked the theme, although others felt it looked a little too much like MS Outlook for their taste. (He’s actually right, but I’ll never give him the satisfaction of…D’OH!)

Anyway, until I can get this sorted out (and by “this”, I mean trying to determine if Tiga doesn’t play well with WP2.1, or if it was just my install), I’ll probably be messing around with some new templates until I find one I like (or until I get Tiga worked out). In the meantime, I welcome input on my temp templates – you people know how easily I can be swayed.