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Alright, that post title is a little bit of an exaggeration, but

  • I am in New Orleans.
  • I have had a significant amount to drink tonight. Specifically, two pints of beer and a Hand Grenade.
  • I am feeling all kinds of good right now.

And the really fun part is that the client we’re here to see went out to Bourbon Street with us. It’s a good thing that this is atypical of most client visits, or I might end up with a drinking problem.

Seriously, tho, I am here to work. (The booze is a nice bonus.)

Side note: I have some photos from New Year’s Eve that I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but due to circumstances beyond my control (involving an ear infection and my idiotic self leaving my camera at Darren’s place), I just got those photos into iPhoto the other day. I should have them posted at Flickr by the beginning of next week.)

I’m back from Houston. And I’m finally done with my business travel for the month. Four trips in 3 weeks – none of them longer than 48 hours. And I am f**king knackered.

While I’m thinking about it…I was struck by the fact that it seemed like every interstate highway in Houston seemed to be under construction. After I’d thought about it for a few minutes, I remembered writing this:

Also, it seems that every interstate in Houston is being rebuilt at the same time.

– from The Big Road Trip – Day 9, dated April 13, 2004.

That was over two years ago – and they’re still going. Are they just constantly rebuilding the same spot, over and over again? Also, anyone who thinks the Garden State Parkway is greedy for toll money has never taken the Hardy Tollway to IAH – I got hit with a $1.25 toll on the mainline tollway, and then another $0.75 toll exiting for the airport, less than 1 mile away! That, my friends, is GREEDY.

Reservation Cancelled!

Of course, #1 on our survey would be mysterious cancellation of the plane ticket. Thankfully, everything’s OK – there was a problem when I made my booking, and my company’s travel agent redid the whole itinerary, but forgot to reassign my Hilton Hhonors number to the hotel reservation. So when I pulled up my Hhonors account…panic time. But it’s cool.

Oh, yeah. Did I mention? I’m flying to LA tomorrow. Flying back Friday. Then it’s Houston on Tuesday (with a Wednesday return). I collapse into a heap shortly thereafter.

Scratch that. Make that the RAINY city. It was absolutely pouring when my boss and I left the hotel this morning. But we had two very successful client meetings, regardless of the weather, and (mind you, I’m not trying to go all “My Name is Earl” on everyone, but…) I think karma tried to pay me back later in the day.

Naturally, torrential downpour early in the day means schedule hell for airports in the afternoon. So when I got to the airport, my 7pm flight was delayed until about 10:30. But the good folks at Continental promptly rebooked me (and my checked bag, thank Brak) on a similarly-delayed earlier flight that would actually end up taking off at 6:40. And then I got upgraded to first class about 10 minutes before boarding.

And on top of all that? The “SERVICE ENGINE SOON” light in my Explorer isn’t lit anymore. All in all, a pretty good day indeed.