I’m back from Houston. And I’m finally done with my business travel for the month. Four trips in 3 weeks – none of them longer than 48 hours. And I am f**king knackered.

While I’m thinking about it…I was struck by the fact that it seemed like every interstate highway in Houston seemed to be under construction. After I’d thought about it for a few minutes, I remembered writing this:

Also, it seems that every interstate in Houston is being rebuilt at the same time.

– from The Big Road Trip – Day 9, dated April 13, 2004.

That was over two years ago – and they’re still going. Are they just constantly rebuilding the same spot, over and over again? Also, anyone who thinks the Garden State Parkway is greedy for toll money has never taken the Hardy Tollway to IAH – I got hit with a $1.25 toll on the mainline tollway, and then another $0.75 toll exiting for the airport, less than 1 mile away! That, my friends, is GREEDY.