Scratch that. Make that the RAINY city. It was absolutely pouring when my boss and I left the hotel this morning. But we had two very successful client meetings, regardless of the weather, and (mind you, I’m not trying to go all “My Name is Earl” on everyone, but…) I think karma tried to pay me back later in the day.

Naturally, torrential downpour early in the day means schedule hell for airports in the afternoon. So when I got to the airport, my 7pm flight was delayed until about 10:30. But the good folks at Continental promptly rebooked me (and my checked bag, thank Brak) on a similarly-delayed earlier flight that would actually end up taking off at 6:40. And then I got upgraded to first class about 10 minutes before boarding.

And on top of all that? The “SERVICE ENGINE SOON” light in my Explorer isn’t lit anymore. All in all, a pretty good day indeed.