I haven’t forgotten about you, dear blog readers. It’s just that a combination of excellent panels and limited internet connectivity has hampered my ability to bring you (all 8 of you) up to speed on my exploits.

And seeing that it’s 2:30AM, I’m not going to be doing that now, except in bullet-point form:

  • Dan Rather’s keynote was interesting, in the sense that in a very sly, veteran way, he turned the tables on the interviewer (who was quite unprepared) and essentially directed the conversation himself. Also, see the “Dan Rather Bingo” card on Flickr. (Backstory to be explained in a later post.)
  • Like I said before, the panels have been largely excellent this year – at least, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve heard that some of the more technical panels have been unqualified duds, but I haven’t been in any of them yet. More on the panels later.
  • Fray Cafe was somewhat lower-key than last year, thanks to the torrent of rain we got last night; 20×2, however, hit it out of the park again. I’ll have photos up shortly – again, time & connectivity come into play here.
  • Twitter runs my life now.

That’s it. I need to get to bed if I want to make the 10AM panels. To quote Esin, “Suck it, bitches.”