The following conversation took place this evening, approximately 8:00pm, at the drive-thru window of the Wendy’s at Windsor Green Shopping Center. I swear on my life that I am not embellishing a thing.

I drive around to the window – the Wendy’s Drone is literally dangling my food out the window. As I drive up, she sticks her free hand out as if to say “Just give me the damn money already.”
Wendy’s Drone: Hi. $6.97.
I hand over the money and take the bag of food. The Drone then hands me my Cherry Coke, which is dripping down the side of the cup.
Me: The cup is dripping down the side. Could you wipe it off please?
The Drone takes back the drink and glares at me with a stunned look on her face – like a confused puppy.
Me: The drink? It’s dripping – can you wipe it off?
The stunned look remains for a minute – followed by a look of recognition. She starts to remove the lid on the drink.
Wendy’s Drone: Root beer?
I’m starting to lose patience, so my voice gets a bit more stern.
Me: No. The drink. It’s dripping. Wipe it off.
The Drone proceeds to take the cup, place it in a 4-cup drink carrier, and hand it to me, with the firm belief that she’s done what I asked.
Wendy’s Drone: OK.

Naturally, this isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with the English-impaired, but…wow.