The video is ‘official’ – that’s Al Gore, Billy West, and John DiMaggio on the mic – but it looks as thought the animation was thrown together in Flash (as opposed to, say, Korea). Still, not bad at all. (A bit of trivia: Al Gore made two guest appearances on “Futurama”, due in no small part to the fact that his daughter was a writer on the show.)

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it…

Good news, everyone! (I think.) Apparently Comedy Central has committed to at least 13 new episodes of “Futurama”. Normally I’d be really happy to hear this news – like Zoidberg at a buffet, I’d be! – but Comedy Central doesn’t have the best history with animated shows not named “South Park”, so I’m sticking with ‘cautious optimism’ for right now.

Addendum: While I’m turning myself into a YouTube whore, I might as well point you toward Joss Whedon’s excellent speech from Equality Now’s “Men on the Frontlines” event last month. (link courtesy of The Brad)