Kristin & Jessica outside Ti Couz

From my business trip to the Bay Area late last month – I didn’t have a chance to upload the photos (well, photo, really – the rest are environmental-type pictures) until last night, but I didn’t want to let it go any longer.

Also, I wanted to give Kristin and Jessa their due, since this photo’s already rolled through my Flickr badge. We met for dinner that Sunday night at an outstanding little crepes place in the Mission District called Ti Couz, which I believe is French for “wrapped goodness”. Hopefully I’ll get to spend more time with them on my next trip out there – whenever that happens to be.

Sidenote: Thinking about Kristin & Jessa got me thinking about SXSW 2006. As strange as it might sound to say this in November, I’ve already booked my trip, and I’m glad I did – apparently, there’s another conference in town at the same time as SXSWi in ’06, and because of that, the Hilton Austin is completely sold out. Last I checked, the Hampton Inn on San Jacinto still has some availability, but if you know you’re going, don’t wait too long to book your hotel…