It seems that it was my turn to contract the post-SXSW cold. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – being sick sucks. My diet this weekend has consisted of DayQuil, orange juice, chicken soup, and NyQuil (with the occasional round of toast), I’ve been getting plenty of sleep (although, let’s face it, that’s my normal weekend routine anyway…), and needless to say, I haven’t left the apartment since I got home from work on Friday. I’m doing all the things I usually do to shake a cold, but this one seems to be lingering longer than normal. Someone at work joked that ‘maybe I’m getting older’. I prefer to think that the cold viruses are just getting more robust.

On the upside, I have finally managed to catch up on my laundry. And I got the chance to re-watch “The Incredibles” on DVD last night – still an incredible film. (And you MUST watch the “Mr. Incredible & Friends” short with the commentary on Disc 2. Trust me on this.)

Turning to more upbeat news, some ‘happy-happys’ are in order:

  • Happy first anniversary to Julie and Jason! (I can’t believe it’s been a year already! It feels like just yesterday I was in Austin…meeting them both in person for the first time…)
  • Happy housewarming to Stacey, who officially moves into her new house this weekend. (I still haven’t seen the place myself, save for the video tour)
  • Belated happy birthdays to my good friend Margaret (who may or may not even read my blog); to that fast-talkin’ mo-sucka’ Bryan Douglas; to Spike, although he got his on the day of, courtesy of everyone at Break Bread w/ Brad; and to anyone else born in the month of March who I may have forgotten.

One last note: I didn’t accomplish anything with regard to the afforementioned ‘side project’ this week – I’ve been too distracted by the coughing and sneezing and whatnot. I’m hoping to plow ahead this coming week.

That’s all for now. I hear a bowl of chicken soup calling my name.