This time next week…I’ll probably be drunk. Well, not really. But it’s finally starting to hit me that at the end of this week, I will be in Austin for Southby. Included in that realization is that I really don’t have a lot of time to get done all of the stuff I need to get done before I disappear for a week. My “to do” list currently includes:

  • Get a haircut.
  • Find a travel charger/sync cable for my Palm.
  • Reconfirm my air, hotel, and rental car bookings for Austin.
  • Pick up some new clothes and a new pair of brown casual shoes (to replace my old ones, which are worn out).
  • (I actually got this done this weekend – I was a good little consumer…)

  • Run the score-match processes and select recipients for one of the scholarships I administer.
  • Dig up historical data from the last two years for another one of my programs to assist the client with an audit.
  • Prep my boss for a application review committee meeting that’ll be taking place in Sacramento on…yep, you guessed it, Friday.
  • Finish producing the various materials for said meeting and FedEx them to the Sacramento office.
  • Make sure that Performance Scoring Services is prepped for the application review committee meeting on the 17th – since I’m only getting back to work on…yep, you guessed it, the 17th.
  • Get my father’s computer equipment connected to a router and bridged to their wireless network (attempt #2).
  • Pack. (Duh.)
  • Figure out how the hell I’m going to wake up at…oh dear Brak…4:30am…for a 7am flight on Friday.

And that’s just the stuff I could remember off the top of my head. Admittedly, the timing for the trip isn’t the best, but…really, it’s not like there’s a better time of the year to be away, so I figured, what the hell.

A side note: I was at DSW looking for shoes earlier today (don’t laugh – they have a good selection of men’s shoes in wide widths – and I’ll take any bargain I can get), when I noticed a tag that I’d never seen before. “Security Friendly”. There was a picture of an airplane on the tag, but no explanation of what the hell it means – I mean, last time I checked, most airport security checkpoints make you take your shoes off and run them through the x-ray machine. So how, exactly, are these shoes any more “security friendly” than any other shoe?