Awards overkill season is officially on –

77th Annual Academy Awards – Nominations

It’s a bit surprising that Clint Eastwood picked up a nomination for Actor in a Leading Role, after not even being nominated for a Golden Globe in either the leading or supporting category. Also, personally I think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind kinda got shortchanged. I’m thrilled that Kate Winslet got the nom for Lead Actress, but I feel like Jim Carrey and the film as a whole deserved recognition – if nothing else, this shows how limiting it can be when the Oscars don’t separate the Drama and Comedy/Musical categories like the Globes do. Also, it shows how an early release date can really hurt your Oscar chances.

Oh, and Michael Moore shot himself in the foot, and didn’t get nominated for squat.

At least, not for any Oscars…

25th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards – Nominations

5 Razzie nominations for “F911”. Including a Worst Actor nomination for George W. Bush as “himself”. Sorry, Mike.

I’m not sure I agree with the Razzie’s take on “Alexander”. Sure, it wasn’t fantastic, but was it really worse than “Troy”? Honestly?

Interesting sidenote – the Razzie nominations also include special categories for the worst of the last 25 years. Which means that “F911” is in the company of such ‘classics’ as “Swept Away” and “Glitter”.