It’s pretty much a given that the Presidential election in November will come down to Dubya and Kerry. (Sure, Nader will be in there, and some Libertarian candidate, and someone from the Silly Party, but let’s face it – they haven’t got a chance.) Some folks take the high road, some (*cough*FOX News*cough*Michael Moore*cough*) take the low. The folks over at try to make light of the two goobers on the ballot. Me? Well, the mini-bumper sticker in the sidebar is about as political as I intend to get this year. My vote, in true “Brewster’s Millions” fashion, is for “none of the above”.

The interesting thing is, after making and posting the “sticker”, I found out that there really is a group trying to get binding NOTA lines placed on ballots – a majority vote for a binding “NOTA” line would trigger a new election. So the “sticker” is now a link.

And that’s as political as I intend to get, at least for now. So, for the moment, “Every two child did, I will”, “YEEEEEEEEEEAH”, “The American people are safer”, “Mars, bitches”, and I’m going to bed.