Just when I thought there was some hope for American musical theatre, I read this:

Legally Blonde heads for Broadway

Just like every book doesn’t necessarilly make a good movie, every movie doesn’t make a good musical. In fact, very few live-action movie-to-stage show transitions are successful. (I’m purposely discounting Disney’s cartoon crossovers, because…well, no matter how badly Michael Eisner mismanages that company, Disney can still essentially print their own money.) “The Full Monty” is probably an exception, but bear in mind that “Monty” held the promise of full-frontal male nudity – something that always brings the crowds. And then, of course, there’s “The Producers” – but that was a case of all of the pieces (writing, acting, directing) coming together perfectly – and that rarely happens in ANY medium. (The fact that the movie predates the show by about 30 years helped too.)

I honestly thought that after a season that included “Caroline, or Change” “Wicked” and “Avenue Q”, the American musical was making a rebound. Man, I hate being wrong.